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Payment for Stripe Paid - Stripe iPhone app Osmosis - Simple Client Intake for Designers
Shopstick - Sell anything on Instagram LivingEarth HD Drip


FiveBuckVinyl Payment for Stripe =Quirky Influencers
FiveBuckVinyl Payment for Stripe Rink
FiveBuckVinyl Rink
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Quirky Product Detail


Designer building Payment to enable in person payments for Stripe. Founder of the MNUX Slack group. Experimenting with Folllowing and Symbolist, writing open source utilities like Switcher and GitLink.

Most importantly, I'm a husband and father to two little boys. Building from Minneapolis, MN.

Data is the differentiator not the decision maker.

The look of the design is different than the feel.

Design can never be too simple.

Shipping is all that matters.

Prototypes provide a path.

Persistence trumps talent.


Let's work together.

I'm currently accepting select design projects.